Our Story

As a mom of three kids, all at different stages (a teen, tween & toddler), our founder, Kia Young tried all the cutesy things moms do to document their children’s lives - from baby books to scrap-booking. She’d start each project excitedly, but would never complete them, due to the lack of customization most 'memory' books offered.

Eventually she put together her own version that held everything in one place, from short love notes, to pictures, to recipes of her kid’s favorite meals. After a series of life events reiterated how short life was, she was inspired to make a commitment to be even more intentional about both creating and preserving memories with her family. With that, the idea for the Heirloom Journal was born.


A Note From Our Founder

Hey there!
I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for showing a little interest in the labor of love that has been this journal. My hopes are that through Heirloom you can have a timeless gift, that is thoughtful and treasured by all who are on the receiving end of your words. I hope that one day your great-great-great-great grandkids are in the kitchen making your famous recipes; that they know where they come from & have your wise words tucked in their hearts... simply because you thought itimportant enough for them to hear it from you. I pray that this is a step toward the future generations being more connected to their ancestors- something that so many of us long for.

Enjoy the years that will fill the spaces in your journal.